Rock'n Chalk

Rock'n Chalk: Chalk It. Rock It. Wash It.

Eye popping hair color! Glides on, stays vibrant, then rinses out. Create a new look every day!

Temporary hair coloring chalk that washes right out with shampoo and water. White primer recommended to enhance chalk color in any kind of hair.

Color without commitment.
Rock a new look every day!

Available in the following sets:

Tropical Splash Pack
Jamaican Jive (Green)
Caribbean Cool (Blue)
Bay Breeze (Purple)
Maui Wowie (Red)

Kandy Kraze Pack
Tangerine Crush (Orange)
Lemon Drop (Yellow)
Cotton Candy (Blue)
Bubble Gum (Pink)

Club Glitz Pack: All That Glitters
Rockin' Rio (Pink with Glitter)
Purple Haze (Purple with Glitter)
Electric Blue (Blue with Glitter)
Jaded Edge (Green with Glitter)

Cosmic Dust Pack: All That Glitters
Solar Flare (Orange with Glitter)
Shooting Star (Yellow with Glitter)
Moon Walk (Blue with Glitter)
Gamma Ray (Pink with Glitter)

White Primer: Enhances chalk color in any kind of hair

Rock'n Chalk
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Price $14.95